About me

a0947e12048311e383d022000aaa0956_7I am a father, husband, climber, author and a lover of photography and art.

I have been photographing professionally since 2000. I have worked with a lot of great people on a lot of

several large projects.

My number 1 goal as a photographer is to make your experience as stress free and fun as

possible. Because I have worked on so many large projects, I feel like I can communicated to help you organize you projects to be as successful as possible.

I like to photograph just about anything. I have photographed corporate conventions, corporate head shots, product shots, more important studio ‘beauty shots’,

large scale lifestyle shoots, fashion shoots, and I won’t turn down a wedding or a family shoot either.
Call me if you would like to talk about any upcoming projects that you may need photographed.I love to work on location with my fully portable studio. It has been very inspiring to have full studio strobes with high powered batteries everywhere and anywhere that we w

ant to shoot.

Casey Hyer 801-245-9031