Day 2 of Iceland

Today we drove the Golden Loop of Iceland. It was amazing! You would believe how the landscape completely changed every 5 minutes. No really.

Also it snowed and sun came out over and over today. The weather is totally crazy here!

Reykjavik Iceland

The weather is pretty bad. We mostly had a day of running errands trying to get everything in order for the epic Ring Road. We still walked a few miles though.

Spring time in London is amazing

Amazing Tree in Kensington, London

Amazing Tree in Kensington Park, London


London in a few pics!


There not time to say much. Just that we have just left London and life is good! We have just landed in Iceland, we drove late tonight with bad directions. Mostly it is really had to says words with no vowels! Vkd is not a work in my language. Also every other work I’ve seen has been crazy!

Commercial Photographer Home Tours



I’ve been working with several home builders in Utah on their photography and video needs. I love seeing the homes all styled, clean and ready to be photographed.

It’s also really interesting to me how photography can increase sales. For more info please contact me. I’ve got some really interesting data to share.