Cheese Love

I’ve been crazy busy! Too busy to put a ton of time into my site. I’ve been working on many photo projects and feel like it would take forever to blog very many of them.

Here is one that I have really loved. I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a big Utah Cheese project. I really love these artisan cheeses and the passion behind them. The creativity and knowledge is really incredible. My palate is in heaven!

I’m going to try to sneak a few pictures in over the next few weeks. Here is one from last night. This plate came from P712 in Orem Utah. It is amazing! Have you all been here yet?

This is P712’s cheese plate. It feature local cheeses and meats from all over utah. The Olives and Currant Mustardo where paired with these flavors very well.

I have a bunch of photos from this shoot and they are all shot in a editorial way. I’m working in a new way on them that I’ll probably blog about the way I’m shooting these later on. But for know, I’ve got to keep on editing!