More from Down Under

Here are the rest of the photos from the first part of this trip. I’ll be running around a bit more so I’m sure I’ll upload some later.

So all the mountain and climbing photos are from the Blue Mountains in Australia.

This area is amazing! The cliff bands go forever and ever and have a huge variety in features, steepness and grade.

In the post before this one there are some photos of an amazing 600′ 11-. Amazing!! It was overhanging most of the route and covered by some of the most amazing holds I’ve ever climbed on!

The area with all the tree’s was really impressive! I was feeling totally jet lagged that day so I didn’t do a ton, just a handfull of easier routes. It as one a cliff band that went on and on. There had to be over 200 routes. All slightly over hanging and most of them had giant roofs on the top of the climbs.

They forrest around it was just as amazing! Thick and covered in Eucalyptus trees releasing blue vapors. I’m pretty sure you can taste it in the air.

I’ll be traveling a few more days and then its off to an event to photograph and shoot video!

Thanks for checking in!