Buckskin Gulch

So I’ve been fortunate enough the past few weeks to go do a few things by myself in amazing places. Yesterday I got to go for a quick run up Buckskin Gulch and Wire Pass in the South East corner of Utah.

I snapped a few shots on self timer mode. I loved the way this one turned out!

Buckskin Gulch Photograph, utah

A run in Buckskin Gulch Photograph

Blue emerald water just coming out of the ground (and more)

Lake Myvatn Area of Iceland

I didn’t really know what to expect from the Lake Myvatn Area of Iceland. Definitely not anything as crazy as these images. Photographing in this area is totally special and unique. Nothing is what I’ve expected and everything is amazing!

Hverarönd Geothermic Site seems like it belongs on anther planet. The boiling Emerald Blue Pools of Mývatn as beautiful and terrifying.

It’s no wonder that there are so many icelandic legends for this area.  Iceland is truly unique.

South Cost of Iceland, Part 1

Today we made the journey from Höfn to the north. It was pretty insane. These photos are a day behind because of internet access. All of these images are on the South Cost. Starting around Vik and ending up in Skaftafell.

I’m going my favorites from yesterday in a different post tomorrow. Everything is so amazingly beautiful, I can’t make a smaller edit. So I’m going to give them to you in a few chunks.

Day 2 of Iceland

Today we drove the Golden Loop of Iceland. It was amazing! You would believe how the landscape completely changed every 5 minutes. No really.

Also it snowed and sun came out over and over today. The weather is totally crazy here!

Reykjavik Iceland

The weather is pretty bad. We mostly had a day of running errands trying to get everything in order for the epic Ring Road. We still walked a few miles though.

Spring time in London is amazing

Amazing Tree in Kensington, London

Amazing Tree in Kensington Park, London