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Maggie Smith climbing Trench Warfare, Logan Canyon Climbing

The lesser common climb Trench Warfare is an amazing and complex one. Mad props to Maggie Smith for sending this thing!!

Maggie Smith climbing Trench Warfare, Logan Canyon Climbing

Maggie Smith climbing Trench Warfare, Logan Canyon Climbing

Maggie Smith climbing Trench Warfare, Logan Canyon Climbing

Maggie Smith climbing Trench Warfare, Logan Canyon Climbing

Commercial Photographer Home Tours



I’ve been working with several home builders in Utah on their photography and video needs. I love seeing the homes all styled, clean and ready to be photographed.

It’s also really interesting to me how photography can increase sales. For more info please contact me. I’ve got some really interesting data to share.

Cheese Love

I’ve been crazy busy! Too busy to put a ton of time into my site. I’ve been working on many photo projects and feel like it would take forever to blog very many of them.

Here is one that I have really loved. I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a big Utah Cheese project. I really love these artisan cheeses and the passion behind them. The creativity and knowledge is really incredible. My palate is in heaven!

I’m going to try to sneak a few pictures in over the next few weeks. Here is one from last night. This plate came from P712 in Orem Utah. It is amazing! Have you all been here yet?

This is P712’s cheese plate. It feature local cheeses and meats from all over utah. The Olives and Currant Mustardo where paired with these flavors very well.

I have a bunch of photos from this shoot and they are all shot in a editorial way. I’m working in a new way on them that I’ll probably blog about the way I’m shooting these later on. But for know, I’ve got to keep on editing!

Motorcross Event Photography

Nirto Circus athletes pretty amazing! I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to photograph at this event, and I could hardly believe my eyes the first jump I saw.

This photo shoot was done late at night down town Salt Lake City. I was surprised to here athletes say that it was a little nerve racking doing the jump because they were floating in pure blackness. Although you would never really know it base on what they where doing. Front-flips, back-flips you name it. It was very impressive subject matter to photograph.




Fit Four Site

A few weeks back I photographed all of these photographs for a new company called Fit Four.

It has been a while since I have photographed body builders, but I wanted to keep the shots looking a little harsh and a little more edgy.

The models where amazing, there was a good product, the designers where great, and web marketing company that I worked with was organized and very impressive.

Check out more images at www.fitfour.com 


It really is great to work with so many small businesses in Utah. There are more and more success stories, and smart businesses that understand how good photography helps their businesses grow. I really am blessed to have such amazing clients!

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment to say hi!

Escalante, Egypt 3 Coyote Gulch and more!

It was an amazing weekend in Escalante Utah photographing and exploring with my wife and friends. We had perfect weather and did some amazing canyons. Here are a few photos from the trip.

I guess this canyon is 8″ in spots. Too bad b/c I had to walk sideways for a super long time!


Egypt 3 is full of these water pods. They are super fun to jump into. You just don’t know if they are going to be chest or ankle deep.


Coyote Gulch!!

This is the amazing hotel we stayed at in Boulder, Utah on the way home. It is so amazingly peaceful!

A new animated image (open to view animation)

I love these animated images. I feel like there are so many possibilities when working with them. One of my favorite designers Tiffany and I are going to start trying to do a few durning our lunches once and a while over the next few weeks.

If any of you have any projects you would like us to work on for you in this relm let us know. We’d love to do some of these for you!

I’m going to answer a few questions about the project in advance: This was done with a combonation of photograph and video techniques. I’ve always been in love with the cross processed look, so I usually love to apply the instagram type of looks to my video and photography projects. Tiffany is the model. And yes, I do love my life!

Butterfly Mobile Project

Here is another shot that I did. I actually did it a few years ago and never posted it. I love everything about this shot though. They styling and lighting. Even the model is pretty terrific.

This shot was for a magazine to feature the mobile project and the products to create it.

I light this to look as soft and natural as possible for an editorial piece here in Salt Lake City.

Thanks for looking, please leave a comment to let me know you where here!


This is from a shoot I did a few months back for Stampin Up’s magazine that I work on here in Salt Lake City. I love to photograph food. They are usually pretty fun.

I do most the styling on my shoots and I work really close with a few designers to make sure that my photographs go well with design. This is one that I think turned out pretty good.

I never imagined that I would be a stylist and photographer on these shots that I’m doing but I love what I do. I’m going to keep post some of my favorites from past magazines that I’ve worked on.

I worked on this with Steve Day. He is an amazing designer and is great to work with.

Regional Climbing Comp

So I just photographed Momentum Climbing gym’s Regional climbing comp here in Salt Lake City Utah. It was pretty impressive! These kids can crank!! Browse though and get inspired to train harder!


Great job Momentum peeps!!