Sara and Harry Sneak Peak


I’m loving these photographs from my latest shoot. I don’t have a ton of time to post them all but I had to put at least one up.

I’ve had such great clients in all areas of my photography projects. Thanks everybody!

Stop back in to see more soon.

Canon 5d Mark 3

Have you all seen this yet?


Shoots with Videos and Photos

I just finished another video for the Chateau Apres Hotel in Park City. I spent a little more time editing this one than some of the other ones I have done. I ran all the audio through Composer and the video has all been color corrected in AE.

I wanted/need to shoot video and photos on both of these projects for a person challenge and just for fun really. I’ve haven’t really made a ton of time for editing in the past, but after watching a few Adobe Premiere videos I realized that it would be WAY easier for me to use than FCP. All the adjustments are a lot less foreign to a photoshop user.

Thanks for reading!

Also here is one more based on climbing that I just finished:

I’m also going to use this page to show a few other videos I have done.


Video Series

I am working on a small informative video series for the Chateau Apres Lodge in Park City. As we all know the way people consume information is changing quite a bit lately to the point of people not even wanting to read to find their information. These videos are just to show a few of there main points of why they are awesome. It is interesting shooting video and photos on photo shoots. They are SO different that it is kind of hard to do both at the same time. But it is good to challenge yourself once in a while. Plan on seeing more projects like this from me soon. I’ve got a few lined up already.

This first one is simply just to show how they are super close to Park City Ski Resort. And they are super close.

These videos have been great to do, if you are interested in working on any for yourselves let me know!

Distance of Chateau Apres Ski Lodge to Ski Lift

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/AixbYiIw0Pk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

New Cinemagraph for Shelli Gardners blog banner

I’m pretty excited about the new Cinemagraph that I just shot and edited for Shelli Gardners blog banner. I tried one of these last year with a few other people after seeing them at Anthro and we failed in a huge way. I’ve been working on doing these for a few other projects, and have created a few really bad ones that I tried based a few a random videos that I just had. But this was the first one that I light and shot just for this reason.

It is live at her blog right know. www.soshelli.com

The design was done by the talented Becca Clason.


I love the interactive photographs that I’ve been seeing in ipad ad and articles, and I plan on shooting more like this. I’m also excited about and to do some more interactive photographs for this sort of medium. I put my bad experiment files on my family blog at www.alisaandcasey.blogspot.com if you want to see more of these.

Stay tuned for a video series that I am working on for the Chateau Apres Lodge in Park City!

Little Cottonwood Project

Here are just a few pics from a project (climbing) that my friend is working in Little Cotton Canyon. I hope to get back soon and take some better photos of it. I was belaying while snapping a few, but this climb is pretty amazing!

As always, click on then to take a closer look, and let me know what you think!!

Jenna & Sam

Here is a sneak peak at Jenna and Sam’s wedding. I haven’t finished editing the wedding. But I thought I would share this image with you all.

Jenna and Sam's wedding in Salt Lake City

Packing for a convention photo shoot

We are getting ready for a big convention shoot and someone was asking what is in the bag. I think it is interesting to see what photographers pack for these big events. So over the years of packing for a trade show photography, this is what we use the most.

Both bags are Think Tank internationals, we also carry smaller shoulder bags like the Crumpler 7 Million dollar home or the Think Tank retro 20.

Camera Cases:

5d II
1ds III
1d III
70-200mm x2
24-70mm x2
Card readers
Capture Cable
FW800 card readers
6-8gb cards, 2-16gb cards, 1-64gb card

Strobe Case:
2-Hard drives
Camera Chargers
AA charger
3 – Flashes
4 – strobes
2 – panels reflectors
4 – 13′ stacker stands
2 – 7′ small stands
2 – speed light soft boxs
2 – reflectors
3 – plm
1 – soft box
8 – 5500k bulbs
1 – Bigger Battery (strobes)
All aa battery
Speed-light adapters
Extension cords


Twin Lakes, Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah

Utah is amazing right now!! Have you guys been into the mountains this spring/summer? It is so green and perfect that you’ll wonder you have not been outdoors more!

Here are a few pics of Twin Lakes and my cute family. I love them very much. Also this is the first picture on the new babe Ruby on this blog.

Jenna & Sam Engagements

I’ve been behind on my blogging because I’ve been super busy with work. I’ve already shot this wedding, but I thought I would show you the pics while I’m going through and editing.

These guys are seriously an awesome couple. I can’t wait to post more images! They both do triathlons and are just a great couple.

We did these images in the Provo area, just south of Salt Lake City. I personally love the farm images. How often do you get to pose with goats in your shots!