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Stampin Up 2015-16 Annual Catalog Photography

So I’m currently a photography manager of a photography department at Stampin Up. It’s a great job and I work with amazing people. Because we are an in-house photography department I’ve noticed we are quite a bit different than just a bunch of photographers. We are much more like visual strategists. Because we are constantly evaluating our images and visuals, proactively try to make them more affective. More affective either in communication or in company revenue.

Yes that is right. Better photographs make more money. Therefor they make companies more successful.

I would love to get more into in on my blog but for now I’ll just show you a few images.

Have any of you been studying the affects of photography in your sales in other venues? I would love to talk if you have!

I’ve tracked in on quite a few projects with several customers. I just haven’t found very much data outside of what I have tracked or had tracked on projects.

You can check out the whole catalog photography series on my gallery part of my site.

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Stampin’ Up Catalog photography




Occasions Editorial Shoot

This is an editorial I did for a catalog to help sell the idea of getting together with your friends, to hand make something meaningful and to strengthen your relationship.

I thought these had a good feel to them. What are you thoughts?

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occasions editorial


Blue emerald water just coming out of the ground (and more)

South Cost of Iceland, Part 2

Jumping on and photographing icebergs, and seeing northern lights is a dream come true for me!

We had such an amazing day. These images where taken off of Ice in Iceland’s Ring Road.

Northern Lights, seen from Höfn area and the Glaciers are in southern iceland as well (Jökulsárlón).

July Magazine Office photoshoot

March Office Magazine Cover photoshoot

March Office Magazine Cover photoshoot

This is one of my favorite covers that I photographed from this last year. I just love the styling and overall tone of the image.

I work with an amazing team of people to accomplish these great pieces.

A little before and after for you

IMG_0056 HenreyWalker_WhisperRidge Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.13.47 PM

Granite Furniture Sign Cinemagraph



I just finished a new cinemagraph of the new Granite Furniture Building sign. I love these old moving signs and thought this would be a fun way to document it.

For those of you who don’t know, cinemagraphs are a photographic process that involves video and photography techniques to make slightly more complex web animations. I’ve been toying with using these as a way to make web banners more interesting.

I hope you enjoy.

My Ruby

So my little girl Ruby is turning 1 years old this weekend so I went out and did a little photo shoot of her. I’ve got a ton more but I figured I would put a few up on this site first.

Let me know what you think!

Chocolate Block

I did this shoot a little while back with a company called Chocolate Block. The owner makes amazing chocolates! I did all their images on their site. Check it out www.chocolateblock.com